Welcome to the World of "Done!"

Getting things done is the cornerstone of SUCCESS.  Let's face it, if we all actually did what we say we are going to do, life would not only be easier but you'd be surprised by the amount of SPARE TIME you could generate.  So love it or hate it, management of your time is critical to achieving "timely" results, peace of mind and effective realization of your efforts.  

And we all know the amount of time we WASTE when contemplating what to do, when to do it, and assigning some level of priority.  Traditional "To Do" systems allocate priorities and before you know it, a whole bunch of priorites fall due all at the same time.  

What we do DIFFERENTLY at EzzyToDO is, we map your tasks across your OWN PLANNER to give you a VISUAL sense of your workload and priorites.  You can then map out what's achievable, when it's achievable, without offering misleading completion times.  

EzzyToDO - Welcome to the world of "Done" - Advanced ToDo Software.


Welcome to EzzyTodo !!!

Manage Your To Dos To Become More Productive.

Features of EzzyTodo

Create & Manage Tasks

  • Create multiple tasks using the “Add Task” button;
  • Editing functionality to quickly modify, postpone or delete tasks at any time;
  • Set dates and color to identify them quickly;
  • Set priority level according to the gravity of your task;
  • Mark tasks as complete.

Easy Dashboard View

  • View all of your stuff on the dashboard;
  • All stuff centralized automatically in one place to view;
  • Shows upcoming tasks and tasks with no due dates.

Profile Settings

  • Edit your profile name and email from 'Settings';
  • 'Time Zone' feature to plan activities according to the time in your country;
  • Edit your account password and set a profile picture;
  • Ability to Set and Edit 'Notification' settings.

Task Grouping

  • Easily move the tasks to different folder
  • Create folders to group your tasks for better organizing
  • Ability to edit the list or folder names.
  • Manage your Todo's

    Effortlessly assign todo's to dashboards. Effortlessly incorporate current results. Effortlessly view trends and comparisons. Virtually instantaneous management.

  • Businesses or consultants

    As a business owner you can appreciate the need for Visual Management Tools (VMT) to convey results. Consultants can enjoy the same VMT across multiple businesses.

  • View reports

    Use one of our tried and proven report formats or create your own in the simplest way possible. Impress quickly and professionally, but more importantly convey meaning information without the jargon.

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