About Us


EzzyTodo is one of the products designed and developed by the EzzyGroup!


In the rush of everyday life, there are various commitments that we need to fulfill. Often, we easily get lost among so many task or even forget some events, since, these tasks are not properly noted. That's where EzzyGroup comes in!


EzzyGroup is a constantly growing market-focused organization that develops and delivers innovative and customized solutions to clients. At EzzyGroup, we build easy to use systems that simplify and organize your workday and helps you in increasing your productivity.


Our mission is to build systems that will simplify daily tasks of individuals and businesses enabling them to enjoy the personal and professional life in every period of time, every exciting, every heart, and every kind of experience. Whether you are a freelancer, a business, group of friends, managers or even a home maker organizing your family, EzzyGroup has a system for everyone. Our range of products will amaze and inspire you and change your world.


EzzyGroup guarantees the simplicity with effectiveness. We build simple to use systems, that will give you the data to support your management team. With our innovative Ezzy products, we're sure you won't get disappointed. We cordially invite you to try our easy-to-use range of products.


Our product range includes:


Record Keeping App

Financial Glossary App

Tax Glossary App

EzzyTodo – Task Planning System

EzzyBookKeeping – Bookkeeping System

EzzyKPI – Performance Tracking System

EzzyHRM – Human Resource Management System

EzzyManager – Management System

EzzyCRM – Customer Relationship Management System

EzzyReporting – Reporting System

EzzyAccounts – Accounting System


The User Interface (UI) of all our products is well organized, and essential to facilitate the action of separate tasks. Our products features qualify it as one of the best options for organizing various activities and provide users a greater control over them. Our Ezzy systems are smooth and stable, allowing users to perform all the activities accurately and instantly.


Give our products a try and do let us know your feedback. We would be more than happy to hear any ideas you may think we have missed that could help us improve our products and customer satisfaction.