EzzyTodo is integrated with a lot of appealing features that will make your busy life and activities organized making you more productive. Since, EzzyTodo has a intuitive interface to use, hence, the businesses will get more time to spend working on the tasks instead managing them at all the time. With these innovative features the planning, management and tracking of tasks can now be handled efficiently with the help of EzzyTodo.

Overview of EzzyTodo:

  • Simple to use;
  • Fast and stable operation;
  • Well organized User Interface (UI);
  • No training required to operate;
  • Performs the actions accurately and instant;
  • Access it online from anywhere, at anytime;
  • Manage your tasks via mobile and other devices;
  • No need to carry a pen-and-paper all the time with you;
  • Proceed to Print Feature to print the calendar.

Features of EzzyTodo

Create & Manage Tasks

  • Create multiple tasks using the “Add Task” button;
  • Editing functionality to quickly modify, postpone or delete tasks at any time;
  • Set dates and color to identify them quickly;
  • Set priority level according to the gravity of your task;
  • Mark tasks as complete.

Easy Dashboard View

  • View all of your stuff on the dashboard;
  • All stuff centralized automatically in one place to view;
  • Shows upcoming tasks and tasks with no due dates.

Profile Settings

  • Edit your profile name and email from 'Settings';
  • 'Time Zone' feature to plan activities according to the time in your country;
  • Edit your account password and set a profile picture;
  • Ability to Set and Edit 'Notification' settings.

Task Grouping

  • Easily move the tasks to different folder
  • Create folders to group your tasks for better organizing
  • Ability to edit the list or folder names.

Automatic Reminders

  • Receive upcoming events and updates via email or SMS;
  • Complete task details included in the reminders;
  • Saves lots of hassle via Alerts & Reminders.

Notes & File Integration

  • Easily add event details, notes to the task;
  • Effortless file integration;
  • Attach image files of up to 8MB.

Search & Filter

  • Simplified search filter functionality;
  • Easily search filter the tasks and events using keywords;
  • Filter tasks by “Today, 7 Days, (#) Labels, Tasks with no dates or even with the Priority Levels.

Web & Mobile

  • Manage your tasks via Web or Mobile;
  • EzzyTodo App tested on all browsers;
  • Compatible with multiple devices like iPhone, Tablet, Laptop and Android Smartphones.

Proceed to Print

  • Printer friendly view of your calendar for printing.