Receive alerts on your email for your upcoming tasks, events or meetings.

Powerful way to organize and describe your tasks and events.

Set priority levels (high, medium, low) to the tasks that are of great importance to you.

Most convenient way to search tasks from dashboard.

Include important messages, guidelines,links,images to your tasks.

Plan your personal & business activities based on multiple time zones.

Easily print your complete task planner and its information.

Improve productive by saving time with keyboard shortcuts.

Synchronize your task planner between multiple devices

Effortlessly change the sequence of tasks.

Easily schedule tasks from the “Tasks with no due dates” box using the drag and drop feature.

Archival management of your folders and task lists.

Differentiate task folders as per your choice using different colors.

An Instant view of all the tasks which need to be scheduled.

An Instant view of Today's tasks to be accomplished.


View an instant list of your tasks for the upcoming 7 Days.