The one thing I like about this system is - it reminds me! Now my wife dont yell at me anymore for forgetting to get the milk or picking up some grocery, its really EASY! I set it up, Eziitodo reminds me :)

Eddie Daniels, Australia

Its Easy! Thats what it is, Easy - pure and simple. I keep daily track of my work, I schedule stuff and hey I can even move my tasks ahead in the calendar if I cant make them on a day. Sheer pleasure!

Darren Richards, USA

In my business - I manage about a team of 30 chef's and at it was a hell of a job for me to ensure that my gang did what they were supposed to - on time. In hospitality, forgetting what a client wants - is a sin. What this system did for us is turned around the way we work. We schedule stuff ahead of time and it reminds us! A month ago my life was hectic, now I am plugged to my pad while I get this reminders on my tab and I do it. Love it!

Sam Roberts, USA

I got organized and literally won over the complexities or burdening my grey cells for remembering stuff, at times small and insignificant but important. One of the biggest troubles I faced with web systems was it required internet all the time. This things stays on my phone and reminds me, no internet required!

Anna Roberts, Canada